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Istrian Golden

Razpis: In the making.
The project received financial and consulting support at the first tourist national hackathon in Slovenia.

This is a short presentation of the project and the idea realization milestones. 

Istrian Golden heritage experience adventure is the 5 star experience. Because Slovenia does not yet know how to fullfill the needs and demands of its 1 day visitors. Marco is one of the 80.000 tourists arriving to Koper with a cruise ship and he represents our typical customer. During his cruise he is bombarded with generic and packaged tours. But Marco does not want another one of those one-size-fits-all, impersonal, and boring tours! He wants to experience something more, something authentic, and he wants to spend more than 78€ that he typically spends on generic tours right now.

Marko and his companion now have 600€ to spend, which is nine times more than before! When we provide Marco with authentic, Istrian adventure experience, we create powerful memories and he shares the stories with excitement, enthusiasm and a spark in his eyes with all his friends back home. Stories about his escapades adventures are worth to spend 600€ on. But why now? Our data proves it! The number of cruise visitors rose to a point where it is lucrative to create a special package. Research and statistics show that there are roughy about 10% of quests like Marco. Each year 25 milion people go on cruises. Capodistria – Koper hosts 80.000 cruise passengers per season, which means there are 8.000 passengers who do not prefer generic packages.At the moment there is nothing for them in Koper to guide them and offer a special adventure package to them. We are loosing 300 business opportunities each and every week of the season. Currently passengers are booking tours with cruise operators, buy tours on the passanger terminal or they simply ask taxi drivers (cabbies) to get the experience.

We are offerring truffle hunting experience, which is one of the most expensive and highly-valued trophies, their price can reach over 24.000€. Marco and his companion will join our truffle hunter and his special trained dog for a walk to hunt truffles. Afterwards Granny, Nona – traditional Istrian Šavrinka, will be telling some story while demonstrating the preparation of a traditional Istrian dish – pasta. To conclude this 5 star experience, a top chef will take Marco through the cooking, roasting and steaming of exquisite 5 course authentic meal from the local ingredients (including truffles). Marco will spend only one day in Istria, however we will extend his mental and spiritual presence here by giving him and later sending him special gift box of typical local istrian products, which will remind him of his adventure and our destination.

According to our experiences with selling authentic experience tours we prepared a streamlined business model, which we can also apply to other 5 star tours, for example:

  • A day in the salt pans
  • Salt harvest experience
  • Honey day – api therapy experience
  • Olive oil pressing
  • Olive oil roman massage etc.

We calculated that if Marco and his companion spend 600€ on this experience, we need to sell 4 experiences per ship. In our first year we will still be testing and perfecting our product, so we forecast to bring income of 168.000€. The potential of 8.000 quests can bring in 2,5 mil.€. In our second year we are going to expand our portfolio of products to 3, therefore we will definitely surpass the 168.000€ target and we forecast to reach the potential. 2,5mil.€.

Why are we going to achieve this result? Beacause we have the right people here in our team! In 3E*4R team we have Mateja Kozlovič Hrvatin, who has been organising and coordinating boat passangers trips for the past 4 years, she knows every single complaint and also all their wishes. Her first-hand experience with our potential clients is priceless. She is also a founder of the first glamping experinece in Slovenia, she received numerous awards, among them the prestigeous »Snovalec«. Urška Križman Vižintin is a tour guide with local agency IstraTera where they bring the authentic Istrian experiences to their customers. They do this by having a strong network of local service providers who continously achieve standards of quality and bring the best of Istria to their customers. Janja Novoselc has 5 years experience with content marketing and adapting marketing strategies and storytelling to each product and customer. Simon Hrvatin is an ICT expert in search engine optimization and founder of 3 startups. To locate a narrow niche of our clients we have Dr. Samo Božič who specializes in neuromarketing and is an expert in big data, he founded the startup BLCKBX.

We estimate to require 31.000€ to make this project happen. We will invest ourselves 12.500€ and the rest we will invest in market communications chanells and direct sales. If you have time tomorrow, we invite you to a study tour of our new product! Just contact us.

How do we know we will make it happen? Because each of us has already brought an idea to life and made it happen. Now as a team we are strong and determined to take our idea of an excellent 5 star experience to life and bring a much-needed product to cruise passengers to enjoy. 

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