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Simple Luxuries

Razpis: In the making.
The project received financial and consulting support at the first tourist national hackathon in Slovenia.

This is a short presentation of the project and the idea realization milestones. 

Holding your loved one's hand and walking around cloud-kissed Triglav, savoring the perfect marble trout from the turquoise blue waters of majestic Soča river for lunch and then and the perfect kiss at magical Lake Bled!

Would you trade any of the above for a 1000 EUR per night hotel room, eating bites off a plate where the garnish (decoration) is more than the real food?

Simple Luxuries - the experiences dreams are made of.


Problem statement:

Slovenia is not utilizing its best asset when it comes to tourism. The people and the place. We are failing to see the forest for the trees. 

We are failing to generate income for the country and the Slovene Tourist Organization by not taking advantage of the many natural blessing we have in Slovenia.

Foreign tourists do not visit Slovenia because they are here to sip Moet Chandon champagne, buy Rolex watches and drive on the highways with a Lamborghini. They are able to do this anywhere anytime they wish.


Simple luxuries is a smart digital platform that wishes to connect tourists visiting Slovenia with locals who offer unique and memorable experiences which cannot be found otherwise. From our research, there is a massive demand for such experiences and individual, experience seeking travel is on the rise at a rate of 20+% year to year.

For example, Janez from Triglav is offering the experience of spending a day seeing the best Chamois (Gams) around Triglav. Sam from New York wants to do something different and not just visit Ljubljana city center and eat a boiled Kranjska Klobasa with some mustard on the side. He wants to do something memorable in nature around Triglav National Park. Sam expects more from Slovenia, so he can then share his experience with more of his near and dear ones. What a perfect match made on Simple Luxuries.

How does Simple luxuries help and who benefits from it?


1.     Work for every single individual in Slovenia. Everyone can create a uniquely memorable experience.

2.     An environment where no new infrastructure is required - sustainable, environmental and economy friendly.

3.     An ecosystem to share the local culture with foreigners

4.     Safety is paramount - research shows tourists feel much safer when they are in contact with a local from the region/country vs when they are all alone.

5.     Increase tourism income for Slovenia

6.     Engage more tourists as there is higher capacity for tourism

7.     Reduce tourism concentration to only city centers

8.     Every geographic region in Slovenia can be promoted equally

9.     Working with locals vs against them. Much of tourism displaces locals, Simple Luxuries empowers them  

10.   Promotes Slovenia on a global scale



Q1 2018:

Start ABC Accelerator program - Business development training

Start platform development

Raise funds

Beta invite only experience providers

Q2 2018:

Launch MVP  

Partnerships and brand development

Platform beta testing

Q3 2018:

Invite only platform launch - BETA

Q4 2018:

Growth and partnerships with DMOs abroad

Optimize platform

Expand team

Q1 2019:

Full Launch platform

Global marketing campaign


Help Simple Luxuries come to life. Join us as we grow our platform and shape Slovenia as the premier tourism destination for the true luxuries of life. For any question or questions please mail us at





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