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Tourism for tomorrow awards (T4T)

Tourism for Tomorrow awards (T4T) are presented by World Travel & Tourism Council since 2004. The awards were first created by the Federation of Tour Operators in 1989 and later taken over by the British Airways in 1992. The aim of Tourism for tomorrow awards is to recognize and award the best practices of sustainable tourism in travel and tourism industry globally. The selection of the recipients of the award is based on principles such as preservation of natural and cultural heritage, environmentally friendly operations and benefits for local inhabitants of global travel destinations.


Tourism for Tomorrow awards are presented in five categories:

Community award:
Community award is presented to tourism organizations that are actively improving the life of communities where they are located. The award recognizes and awards positive impacts tourism industry has on local people. Some of such impacts are providing health and education to local inhabitants, ensure benefits and strengthen the communities. Organizations to be awarded community award are strongly engaged in the local community, preserve cultural heritage, support local employment and invest in projects beneficial to communities.

Destination award:
Destination award rewards any destination, international, national, regional or local, that is actively engaged in enhancing the sustainability throughout their tourism sector. The award celebrates destinations actively improving any angle of sustainability; social, economic, political, cultural or environmental.

Environment award:
Positive impacts tourism industry can have on the environment is the main focus of environment award. The award can be presented to any organization from travel and tourism sector, which is environmentally conscious all through its operations. Organisations receiving the award are standing for conservation, promote improving bio-diversity, minimalize usage of deficient resources, are addressing the issues regarding climate change and invest in environmentally friendly equipment and technology.

Innovation award:
Innovation reward is awarded to any organization or project that has introduced an innovative way to resolve sustainability challenges they are facing. The award can be handed out for products, processes, delivery or financing of the approach which is new, not only to the organization but to the wider systems and regions. The innovation can include addressing issues connected with climate changes, improving education, health, and overall well-being or environmentally conscious usage of resources.

People award:
People award is granted to organizations which are continuously improving career opportunities for people in travel and tourism sector. Organisations eligible for this award recruit individuals from under-represented groups, educate and develop skills of those already employed and give them the opportunity to grow and offer fair employment conditions.

More information: https://www.wttc.org/tourism-for-tomorrow-awards/award-categories/

Apply: https://www.wttc.org/tourism-for-tomorrow-awards/

A few interesting winners:

The nature conservancy

The nature conservancy has won the Tourism for tomorrow innovation award 2017. In its work, The nature conservancy has, for the first time, quantified the exact value of every single coral reef in the world to tourism. To do so they used the combination of traditional mapping techniques and vast resources of social media, which refers to turning to tourist to collect the data, such as general and underwater photographs, hotel rooms, dive centers and dive sites.  

Coral reefs are extremely important for people. Not only because they are home to fish, who provide food and livelihood to hundreds of million people and are natural protection in coastal areas, but moreover they represent an important part of tourism industry around the world. The nature conservancy has concluded that 72 million trips worldwide were supported by coral reefs and their economic value is 36 billion dollars each year.

With its newly invented system of allocating the coral reef’s value, The nature conservancy is persuading the governments and organizations in the industry to invest in coral reefs, as with the collected data, both governments and organizations are able to see the real value of the coral reefs and how important their preservation really is.

More information: https://www.nature.org/

'Carmacal' B2B carbon calculator by ANVR the Netherlands Travel Trade Association, Netherlands

Carmacal is the winner in innovation category of tourism for tomorrow awards 2016. Carmacal, B2B carbon calculator is the first carbon calculator for tourism enterprises. Before Carmacal, carbon calculators were only focused on one part of the full tourism package, which made it hard to accurately calculate the impact of the entire holiday. Carmacal carbon calculator is able to measure an impact of the carbon footprint of more than 500000 accommodation providers worldwide, as well as this of airline combinations per route, which means that tour operators can assess the carbon impact of offered packages more accurately than before. This can lead towards more energy efficient products and potential cost saving with the adaptation of the products with the help of the findings using Carmacal for the tour operators. Since the travel and tourism industry is more and more aware of the importance of climate impact it creates, this tool is a big contribution to assessing and lowering the carbon footprint.

More information: https://www.cstt.nl/carmacal

TripAdvisor GreenLeaders, USA

TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders is the winner of innovation section from Tourism for tomorrow awards in 2015. GreenLeaders is a programme from TripAdvisor that showcases numerous eco-friendly hotels and bed and breakfasts around the world. There is a huge variety of so-called green accommodation offers from budget to luxury ones, but they are all committed to green practices in their operations, such as local and organic food, recycling or electronic car charging stations. From the time the GreenLeaders programme entered the market in 2013 until it was awarded Tourism for tomorrow innovation award in 2015 it has already managed to create a big influence on the sector. GreenLeaders has been so successful as it is part of TripAdvisor which has millions of users already, which made it way easier to make the consumers aware of the novelty and it is also easily accessible, since it is free to join, which makes the entrance the same for both, small bed and breakfasts and big hotel chains. There are already more than 8000 properties signed up for the programme and statistics work in their favor as well. Properties engaged in GreenLeaders programme score much higher in TripAdvisor ranking as non-GreenLeaders properties and those offering local and ecological food achieve more points on TripAdvisor’s five-point rating.

More information: https://www.tripadvisor.com/GreenLeaders


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