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Digital innovation Asia awards

Digital innovation Asia awards are rewarded to companies, project or individuals that introduced digital innovations in the Asia Pacific travel and tourism industry. The awards are given in five categories:

- Most impactful digital innovation award: this award recognizes online travel ventures, which have used the technology in an innovative way and this resulted in improvement of guest services, travel experience or consumer engagement, as well as if the innovative approach of using technology was used to develop tourism.
- Most engaging digital presence award: in this category innovative and engaging campaigns, websites, mobile applications and use of social media promoting Asia Pacific destination are recognized.
- Most relevant Chinese digital presence award: this award is given to travel and tourism organizations marketing the Asia Pacific destination on the Chinese market.
- Most socially responsible digital initiative award: in this category impactful initiatives, campaigns or ventures promoting responsible and sustainable tourism development in Asia Pacific destination are awarded.
- Most captivating digital storytelling award: this award is given to best digitally published storytelling piece (blog post, photo, review,…) discovering new and exciting destinations in the Asia Pacific.

More information: http://thailand2017.digi.travel/4th-digital-innovation-asia-awards/

A few interesting winners:


12Go is a 2014 Most impactful digital innovation category of Digital Innovation Asia Awards winner. 12Go is an online ticketing company, offering tickets for different kind of transportation, such as bus, train, ferry or plane and it is present in 8 South East Asian countries, with plans to expand throughout Asia. Its service is high-quality, fast and efficient, making 12Go one of the best on the market since its beginning in 2013.

More information: https://12go.asia/en/about


Triip.me is a Vietnamese platform that connects travelers desiring local cultural experiences with those providing specially designed tours focusing on local cultural experiences. Each individual is able to create a Triip.me experience, representing their country, town, or culture and make it possible for travelers in the area to book a tour or experience with them. There are six different categories in which experiences are offered:  Spa-relax, Adventure, Food & Beverage, Family & Friend, Beach & Sun and Art & culture. With its novelty, Triip.me has become a winner in Most impactful digital innovation category for the year 2015.

More information: https://www.triip.me/


Local alike is a winner of Most socially responsible digital initiative category of 2014 Digital innovation Asia awards. Using Localalike.com individuals are able to be matched with local communities and responsible tour operators, which provide authentic and exciting experiences in Thailand. The experiences and tours are not traditional, but custom made and offered by locals and they can be connected with either culture, shows, food & drinks or treks. With its work, Local alike is enhancing the community-based tourism and with that actively integrate locals in the tourism industry.

More information: https://localalike.com/

Picture source: http://www.digitalinnovationasia.com/upcoming-events/dia-awards-2014/# 




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