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Best 2017 innovations: First beer fountain and largest karst exhibition in the world

Since 2004, the Sejalec awards have been presented to the most innovative achievements in Slovene tourism. This year the award for most creative and exciting achievements in Slovenian tourism went to two projects – Expo Postojna Cave Karst and Beer fountain, both included as businesses cases in the AIRTH Encyclopedia of Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality.
Postojna Cave, the most visited Slovenian tourist attraction, decided to fulfill a long desire for a special dedication to the karst world. In 2015, the management opened the EXPO Postojna Cave Karst - the largest interactive exhibition about karst landscapes in the world, which gives visitors a closer look into the karst underground world and life in caves in a unique and innovative way, with analogue and digital tools which are the result of Slovenian knowledge, development, and cooperation with national professional institutions.
The Green Gold Fountain, the first beer fountain in Europe, is a story of success that inspires smaller, less-recognisable destinations. It is unique, but not self-sufficient; its manager is deliberately making sure that this latest tourist spot, based on the local hops tradition, connects tourism providers and generates a new range of tourist attractions in the region and beyond.




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