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 First tourist national hackathon in Slovenia

This year, the Days of Slovenian Tourism 2017, which are a central expert event in tourism for this country, will be held from 17 to 19 October in Kranjska Gora. The event will be devoted to developing an offer for five-star experiences. Among other things, the first all-Slovenian tourist hackathon will be carried out there. This will be a competition to solve business challenges with the topic “Slovenia: Five-Star Experiences” and devising innovative solutions for the development of tourist products.

The total prize pool, mentoring and year-round coaching of winning ideas will total over € 20,000. The challenge will be to innovate the integration of tourism and culture into a 5-star experience - products with higher added value, including:

- a lifestyle that connects culinary, beliefs, customs, folklore and other traditions of the destination,
- creative industries such as fashion, design, film, media and entertainment, heritage tourism, which relates to the achievements of the past and
- tourism of art, which, in addition to artistic surpluses from different periods of the past, relates to contemporary cultural production, that is, to performing arts and visual arts, contemporary architecture, literature, music, etc.

Join if you can. Or submit your idea of their challenge solution anytime here (click on apply button below) and expose your genius to fellow AIRTH readers!



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