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First Annual AIRTH 2017 Innovation-in-Motion conference, University of Primorska, Portoroz, Slovenia

The first AIRTH official event happened in Slovenia in March 2017 as the 6th International Tourism Conference ENCUENTROS co-hosted by AIRTH and called a special tourism Innovation-in-Motion conference with its official title "Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality – Preparing for the Future"

The conference was organized by the Faculty of Tourism Studies, University of Primorska (Turistica) and Alliance for Innovators and Researchers in Tourism and Hospitality (AIRTH) at Encuentros Conference Center, Portorož, Slovenia. Portorož and neighboring Piran are picturesque coastal towns within 90 minutes from Ljubljana Airport (LJU) and 2h from Venice Airport (VCE). Transport from these airports was arranged with GoOpti, one of the winners of the Slovenian National Tourism Innovation Award.

The conference aimed to put a spotlight on critical issues related to innovation in tourism & hospitality. It primarily served two purposes:

1. To understand innovation in tourism and hospitality with respect to
     a. conditions that support and enable innovation,
     b. meanings, scope and impacts of innovation, and
     c. success factors in the practice of innovation.

2. To kick-start the AIRTH network in order to attract individuals by becoming
     a. the home for researchers and scholars for intellectual exchanges, and
     b. the go-to place for practitioners for ideas, experiences, and new tools.

After the first presentation day, the participants, divided into groups, embarked on a day-long trip to Slovenian tourism and hospitality businesses that mastered innovation and are recipients of the National Slovenian Tourism Innovation Award (Sejalec, Snovalec). Many of them are presented in This was followed by a third day's discussion and consensus session.

A special part of the event was roundtable “Innovative Tourism 2016, 2017 and Beyond” with 2016 National Slovenian Tourism Innovation Award winners.

See attached program and proceedings for more info.




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