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Sejalec award (Slovenia)

The Sejalec award is given by the Slovenia Tourist Board for creative and innovative tourism-related achievements. It rewards innovations which contribute to the greater recognisability of Slovenia as a tourist destination. In this instance, an innovation is defined as a high-quality planned and successfully introduced novelty or improvement in the field of new products, processes and/or marketing approaches, which contains elements of particularity, the applicant’s originality, systemic business-mindedness, and the promotion of Slovenian tourism.
The purpose of the Sejalec award is to promote creativity, inventiveness, and innovativeness at an entrepreneurial level, destination level or the level of tourist product associations or providers, or to encourage the creating and marketing of tourist products from Slovenia in the domestic or foreign markets. The Sejalec award supports the drafting and implementation of tourist product development and market introduction projects, coordinated with the basic and strategic documents of the STB, Slovenia, and Europe.
The award is given according to the tender terms and conditions applicable each year. Short after Sejalec's introduction in 2004 and until 2017, the selection of award winners was coordinated by the Bank of Tourism Potentials in Slovenia (BTPS). In 2017, the new AIRTH portal provides the needed infrastructure for Sejalec selection process.
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