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The potential impact of The University of Iceland Science Park on Tourism Innovation in Iceland

Author: Runolfur Smari Steinthorsson

Affiliation: University of Iceland


<insert-authors> (2021). <insert-abstract-title>. 29th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research Shaping mobile futures: Challenges and possibilities in precarious times, 21-23 September 2021. Online. Retrieved: <insert-date>, from http://www.airth.global

University of Iceland did establish a Science Park in 2004 with 6.8 ha of open land at the university campus in the city center of Reykjavik. When founded University of Iceland Science Park (UISP) was at the idea stage with ambitious plans to construct buildings within the park and rent spaces to companies and institutions. It turned out to be difficult for UISP to attract tenants and secure enough financial resources for the constructions. In 2008 the fundamental concept of UISP did change. Instead of the idea of a being a property owner offering space and services to various organisations the Science Park changed its vision to become a community developer. The emphasis was on developing an open and inclusive community for people to live, work, study and play.

In 2021 the University of Iceland Science Park is becoming an area with an attractive site plan. Within the Park area are now four large buildings and space for more buildings. A house for students is next to the area on campus for student housing, adding new rooms for 277 students to the 1300 that already are living in the campus area. Two of the buildings are homes to international biotech companies. The fourth building is designed to be a house for many companies and institutions. It will be the main building for a large computer games company. In this building a considerable area will be controlled by the UISP providing space for a Start-Up Accelerator, new start-ups, cluster organisations and entrepreneurs.

University of Iceland Science Park is an important addition to the innovation ecosystem in Iceland. The vision of the Park is to be an active open and inclusive community of work and play leading to growth and impact. Recently the Icelandic Tourism Cluster decided to move their premises to UISP area. That move can be seen as an important step for the UISP in the process of establishing the Park as a player in the innovation ecosystem in Iceland. This research addresses the following questions: How can UISP unlock its opportunities and avoid the threats that loom in the ecosystem, it is part of?; Why did the Icelandic Tourism Cluster decide to move to UISP. What impact can that move have on Tourism Innovation in Iceland?


Keywords: Science Park, Ecosystems, Tourism, Development, Impact


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