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Designing a sustainable hotel platform for increased productivity and loyalty benefit - is it the right time for cooperation in the hotel industry?

Authors: Mladen Mitrović, Dejan Križaj, and Gordana Ivankovič

Affiliation: University of Primorska


<insert-authors> (2021). <insert-abstract-title>. 29th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research Shaping mobile futures: Challenges and possibilities in precarious times, 21-23 September 2021. Online. Retrieved: <insert-date>, from http://www.airth.global

Revenue Management (RM) is an area experiencing progressive popularity in the world of the hotel industry. The first author's doctoral dissertation (which is under research process) is dealing with the problem of applying RM and benchmarking of performance indicators as its integral part, in the 3, 4 and 5 stars hotels from Belgrade, Ljubljana and Zagreb, collecting information from the hotels directly and, potentially, through the Smith Travel Research (STR) database. 

It is questionable to what extent it is practiced by smaller capacity hotels, which are not members of any chain. There are some indications on which it is expected the lower level of understanding and usage of RM and benchmarking in hotel SMEs from those cities e.g. small percentage of hotels sending their business reports to the STR, a worldwide recognized leader for hospitality industry benchmarking.

The idea is to present hoteliers with a chance to gain an enviable level of knowledge and to use RM with minimal investment through the presentation of an innovative mobile application that would consist of a three parts. The first part is theoretical, with intention to provide all useful information about the RM concept (history and development, formulas, glossary…). The second part will give a possibility for conducting benchmarking. Since great attention in the hotel industry is paid to guest satisfaction, which of course is also expressed through repeated visits, the application will also contain a part in which the cooperative activity of the hotels will encourage loyalty programs and this aspect of the application will serve guests to meet (and also to book their accommodation) all the amenities they can get during the stay in the object on a loyalty program basis. Probably the vast majority of these hotels do not have a site in their facility optimized for smartphone users, so potentially this part of mobile application could allow them to activate and present their offer in this market, which shows enormous growth. To begin with, the application is intended to present staying offers from hotels in Ljubljana, Zagreb and Belgrade. If the whole idea is put in the context of the situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, its adequacy can be also considered from the point of view of promotion and encouraging tourist stays in hotels, at least on the national level. 


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