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Factors influencing exclusion and untapped potential of young and small tourism professionals

Authors: Tadej Rogelja and Dejan Križaj
Affiliation: University of Primorska
<insert-authors> (2021). <insert-abstract-title>. 29th Nordic Symposium on Tourism and Hospitality Research Shaping mobile futures: Challenges and possibilities in precarious times, 21-23 September 2021. Online. Retrieved: <insert-date>, from http://www.airth.global
The distribution of the benefits derived from tourism is very uneven. The author refers to the challenges of micro or small tourism communities and their stakeholders (local tourism providers, associations, etc.), which despite their tourism potential and due to various factors remain overlooked, excluded and/or uncompetitive in the tourism market.
A number of previous studies have already identified some of the key factors contributing to such a situation: lack of entrepreneurial thinking, lack of knowledge and skills in the field of digitalisation (directly related to the rapid technological advances of recent years), insufficient strategic planning, the regional/local character of tourism, ongoing COVID -19 pandemics, etc. (Hohl & Tisdell, 1995; Czernek, 2017, Ndivo & Cantoni, 2016, de Guzman et al., 2020). Similarly, in this study, the author explores what key factors are perceived by the above-mentioned stakeholders as inhibiting and problematic for their development and progress, but in this research the emphasis is placed on inhibiting factors that young and qualified professionals (e.g. students) see as being able to come to their aid (Lopes et al., 2021). The aim of such a research framework is to identify the common interests of both sides (young professionals and small tourism stakeholders), find synergies and propose a new conceptual model for connecting qualified young and marginalised tourism stakeholders. To reach that goal, the author will discuss several inductive approaches to better understand actual and suitable tourism development practices of young and small tourism professionals.
This research is being conducted as part of the EU-funded HORIZON 2020 project SMARTDEST.


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